Announcement: the OSD store is now live

Rocking some concentric threads.

Today we have a quick announcement that we’ve been looking forward to making for a while: the OSD store is live.

And no “free hat with a membership”-tier stuff. We set out to make things we’re actually excited to have.

Like the Select File series of t-shirts. Famous selector patterns with little computer files, for full-auto uploads 😉.

Or a gallery-quality 8.5”x11” archival print of an M72 LAW. It’s a limited edition of just 24. (It was going to be a limited edition of 25, but one came out a blem and we were really serious about never printing another copy of this.) Hang one on your wall and it’ll look like Tom Clancy took over the MoMA and got really into pastels.

And of course a small selection of tasteful logowear that you’ll actually enjoy rocking.

Check it out, and send us pictures of how you’re using this stuff. Make it a great weekend, gang.