OSD 108: Catch me online

Some lesser-known Instagram gun culture creators.

We talk a lot about gun culture here. But this week, let’s point to the people who are just going ahead and creating it. Here are some of the lesser-known Instagram accounts we’ve been enjoying. Give them a follow, and reply to this email with any other accounts you’ve been liking.

This week’s links

Game theory and guns: why universal background checks are a debate — and how to solve it

This 2019 article of ours is good for a re-read anytime background checks are in the news. Lots of solid answers to load into your brain for dealing with oft-repeated talking points — most especially the talking point that 90% of people support background checks.

“Washington DC’s new police chief is rethinking unit focused on gun seizures”

Changing how the Gun Recovery Unit operates could address the concerns of critics who complain that the aggressive tactics of specialized plainclothes anti-crime squads are a primary source of mistrust between police and residents.

Contee said in an interview that he wants to focus less on seizing as many firearms as possible and instead intensify efforts on identifying and arresting people who use guns for violence or threats.

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