OSD 35: Turns out AOWs are legal in New Jersey

Three fun links this week about the community interpreting censorship as damage, and routing around it.

There's an interesting dynamic to bans: the people doing the banning almost to a person know less about the subject than the people whose stuff is being banned. Which creates a built-in advantage for the latter. That's not enough on its own to create victories, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Have a great week, gang.

This week's links

AvE reviews the Glock 17
This is one of the most popular mechanical engineering / machining channels on YouTube, and here he reviews the Glock 17 from that perspective. Neat details on the clever engineering and manufacturing tricks they use to make a pistol that's simultaneously cheap, reliable, and high-quality.

Guy makes a 1-mile shot with a .223

Americans' Views on Key Gun Policies
A comprehensive survey on the subject. It's dangerous to put much weight on surveys, because they swing easily and only indicate stated preference, not revealed preference (and those two things can be very different). But this survey is interesting for what it shows about how little most people know about gun stuff. That's an opportunity for us. When people learn about guns, they tend to support gun rights. So we have the advantage of getting to win by merely spreading the truth.

A Ruger No. 1 with a suppressor on it
Falling blocks, so hot right now.

General Dynamics RM277
Who knows what will come of this. The overwhelming majority of the time stuff like this comes out, it's vaporware. But hey, some cool concepts in here.

Massad Ayoob writes up a study of irons vs. red dots on pistols
Lots of interesting data. tldr red dots are better at long range, but at close range, how much better they are — or whether they're better at all — depends on how quickly you can pick up the dot. And cowitnessed irons can help you pick up the dot.

"Police violence is also gun violence"
Not a gun rights supporter by any stretch, but Julian Castro makes a good point here that people rarely discuss in public.