OSD 46: We got a Colion Noir shoutout

Three threads, one gun rights group. Jumping off of discussion about the Texas church shooting a week ago, we put up a few Twitter threads this week (and cross-posted two to our Facebook) that were hits. If you haven't seen them yet, they're probably up your alley:

This week's links

Colion Noir posted our latest article on his Facebook page!
There was a huge traffic wave because of this. Check it out — and of course we also invite you to follow us on Facebook :) . And be sure to follow Colion if somehow you're not already following him.

Speaking of Facebook, here's Chuck Rossi on Cam Edwards's show
Chuck (OSD cofounder and 11-year Facebook engineering vet) and Cam had a long conversation here about gun rights and how to navigate gun content rules on social media. Plus some behind-the-scenes details of how this stuff works at Facebook.

Proposed rule to require all drones over 0.55 pounds to be trackable by the FAA in real time
This isn't gun-related, but there's a cypherpunk flavor to the OSD sensibility, and there's certainly a cypherpunk flavor to ubiquitous permissionless drone flight.

Note the progression of drone rules. Starting February 19, 2016, you had to register your drone with the FAA. Four years later, the incoming rule will require them to be tracked in real time. But only drones over 0.55 pounds. For now. It's being pushed by a combination of FAA regulators and well-resourced commercial drone incumbents.

We mention this here not to whip you into a molon dronebe frenzy (although drone owners are indeed — quite reasonably — headed in that direction), but because of the parallels to how gun rights have been chipped away at. If you know pro-drone folks who aren't sold on guns, this situation is an effective way to illustrate your care for gun rights in a way that'll be more relatable.