OSD 47: The gun reddit rundown

In honor of yet another viral reddit thread of Post Malone shooting guns, this is a good week to focus on reddit. If you're not deep down that rabbit hole already, check it out. Add all the gun subreddits up and what emerges is one of the most vibrant (sometimes good and sometimes not, but undeniably active and really fast-moving) gun cultures on the internet.

Here's a list to help you build on top of the common starting points of /r/guns and /r/firearms:

Make it a great week, gang.

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This week's links

/r/VAguns: The time is now for Virginia. Stay updated.
And the most important subreddit right now is this one for the Virginia gun community. The slate of gun control bills will hit the VA legislature for debate today, so the time to stop them is right now. Use this subreddit to stay updated on the situation and to see how you can help.

Jewish Ruling Marks Significant Change for Jewish Gun Owners
Interesting look at gun culture through a religious law lens.

Northeastern University: Can gun violence be traced back to its root causes?
An interview with Professor Daniel Kim on his finding that despite the fact that people focus their talk almost exclusively on gun laws, when it comes to reducing violence "the strongest association [is] between gun homicides and social mobility, or the ability of people to move to a higher social status than that of their parents."

Gun Ownership in Krygyzstan
Another chapter in TFB TV's series on non-US gun cultures. Interesting stuff.

An article from 1987 spreading fear about plastic guns
There's nothing new under the gun.