OSD 50: Everybody grab your shoulder things that go up

Bunch of high-shareable links today, let's get straight to them.

Make it a great week, everyone.

This week's links

AvE does a mechanical engineering breakdown of the Ruger PC9
One of the best mechanical engineering channels on YouTube is back with a third gun-focused video. All engineering, no politics. This sort of thing has a ton of positive cultural impact. Plus it's just fun.

A thread from us about why people so often get basic gun facts wrong
It's popular and easy to complain about people being ignorant of the most basic facts. And there's no shortage of opportunities to do it. But that's kind of a dead-end — feels good, but it doesn't explain much. It's not actionable.

What is actionable is figuring out why they're doing that. What's the game theory there? If a behavior is widespread and persists unchecked, it likely benefits the people engaging in it. Even if it seems inexplicable. So we should seek to understand what's happening.

We get to the bottom of it in the link above. (Twitter version above, Facebook version here.)

We break down the math of the Super Bowl ad about gun control
It's important to judge ideas by their results, not their intentions. We do the math and find that empirically, Bloomberg's police would have been about 2000x more likely to have frisked the young man in the ad than to have saved him.

Can we be a little less judgmental?
Tactical Professor on how to be effective with newbies. Always focus on effectiveness, and ignore the internet choir.

Pew Pew Training
A handy search engine to find training courses near you.

Police snipers training with .50 BMGs inside a stadium
For when someone needs sniping, but so does the guy behind him, the guy behind that guy, the hot dog vendor, the bartender back in the VIP lounge, and the vending machine in the tunnel.