OSD 63: SCOTUS thinking, initiate holding pattern

Justices need a little more time to discuss 2A cases.

The Supreme Court justices reviewed 10 Second Amendment cases at their weekly conference on Friday, covering lots of big issues: may-issue permits, AWBs and mag capacity limits, the California handgun roster, and the ban on buying a pistol at an out-of-state FFL. They announce Friday conference decisions — i.e. whether they agree or decline to hear each case — on the following Monday at 9:30 a.m. ET.

This morning they had no decision on the 2A cases, which means they’ll discuss the cases again at the next conference (which, because of a scheduling quirk, is Thursday next week, May 14). This is common — NYSRPA v. NYC, the case they just ruled moot, was discussed three times before the Court announced that they agreed to hear it.

We’ll have the next bit of news on this on May 18. As always, keep an eye on @2Aupdates and his 2A court case tracker for high-signal news on guns and law.

This week’s links

Canada bans 1500 rifle models by name

On Friday, Canada imposed a national ban on nearly every rifle with scary cosmetics this week. Our thread linked above explains the details of what happened, and some thoughts on what it means. It’s a setback for sure, and devastating for Canadian gun owners. But hope is not lost. We lay out some reasons for long-term optimism, and a plan on how to get there.

This is about cultural mindset, and just as a quick data point, check out the reaction threads on /r/canada and /r/worldnews. Normie subs with overwhelming disapproval of this ban. That wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago. And not least of all because these kinds of freeform spaces for dissent didn’t exist 20 years ago. Canada down, but it’s always day one. Let’s work on fixing it.

Thread on the roof Koreans

This week marked 28 years since the 1992 LA riots. We stumbled across this thread explaining the roof Koreans, with plenty of video clips and interviews. Check it out, and we also discovered there’s a whole subreddit about this: /r/roofkoreans.

Lastly, check out the reaction of a normie-ish sub, /r/nextfuckinglevel. It’s important to keep in touch with how people who aren’t steeped in gun culture think about it. You’ll often be pleasantly surprised.

3D-printed translucent Glock 26

Cool stuff from Ctrl+Pew.

The BladeHQ guide to knife steels

Knife steels always seem like a random combination of alphanumerics. This guide gives you a 1–10 rating on edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening for just about every steel out there.

The Turkish Armed Forces’ suicide prevention trigger guard

One of those pieces of gear that tells you a lot about the system that produced it.

“Hollow point bullets recalled that don’t explode in targets”

Funny bit from The Onion, and great top comment in the thread.

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