OSD 81: Hostile takeover (the money kind)

The Wolf Gold of Wall Street.

We pop into your inbox every Monday to talk about the intersection of guns, the internet, and entrepreneurship/innovation, and how that’s the path forward for gun rights and gun culture.

Well, a redditor beat us at our own game this week, running the numbers on what it would take for the /r/gundeals community to buy out Sellier & Bellot. One way to address the run on ammo is to scour the internet and scrounge for unclaimed boxes at the LGS. Another is to get together with a couple hundred thousand strangers and Gordon Gekko your way into a 195-year-old Czech ammo maker.

So, who do we make the check out to? 😉

This week’s links

Backpack guns

You know how sometimes you talk with someone about something, and then for the next few days you start seeing that thing everywhere? That happened this week for us with backpack guns. Check out this blog post from Civilian Gunfighter and this video from Lucky Gunner’s always-excellent YouTube channel for some good examples of the genre.

Glock reissues the Gen 1 Glock 17

“It’s a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines here, and it costs more than you make in a month.”

Trijicon releases the RMRcc, a smaller RMR for single-stack carry guns

The reception has not been terribly positive.

US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upholds New Jersey’s ban on standard-cap magazines

The expected result, unfortunately, but it’s worth reading the opinions, and especially the dissent:

“Strict scrutiny asks whether the law is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling government interest.” Marzzarella, 614 F.3d at 96 n.14. When “a less restrictive alternative would serve the Government’s purpose, the legislature must use that alternative.” Playboy Ent. Grp., 529 U.S. at 813. As Judge Bibas observed, “[h]ere, the government has offered no concrete evidence that magazine restrictions have saved or will save potential victims. Nor has it made any showing of tailoring.” NJ Rifle I, 910 F.3d at 134 (Bibas, J., dissenting). New Jersey once imposed a fifteen-round limit on magazine capacity. Now it claims ten is essential for public safety. The Second Amendment demands more than back-of-the-envelope math. At a minimum, it asks the government to explain, to offer but one example, why eleven rounds is too many while nine remains fine. Unless competent evidence answers those questions, New Jersey cannot show why a ten-round limit is the least restrictive means of achieving public safety. For this reason, I would hold that the Act fails to satisfy strict scrutiny.

You should also check out Judge Bibas’s dissent from an earlier version of this same case, which is a spicier read than the dissent excerpted above.

Concealed carry at the nudist camp

A clever troll? A naive newbie? A serious expert? The magic of old forum posts is that we’ll never know. (Paging Dr. Gecko45 and his plates that can stop multiple hits from a .338 Lapua.)

The wait time for a carry permit appointment with the Philadelphia police now runs through September 2021

There are likely some lawsuits coming together about these unworkable wait times, we’ll keep you updated so that you can join if you’re affected.

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