OSD 89: Letter to 2020’s new gun owners

A point-by-point breakdown of the “common sense” talking points.

We’ve got a monster (estimated 42-minute read time, RIP your Monday) of a new blog post out today: “Letter to 2020’s new gun owners”. A lot of people bought their first gun this year. We’ve talked to tons of them. You may be one of them. And one thing we’ve found is that people don’t know how political soundbites — “weapons of war”, “common sense”, “guns on our streets” — translate into on-the-ground legal realities. In other words: who wants to send you to jail for what?

This essay explains, point by point, what a variety of changes in gun laws would mean for you, a 2020 new gun owner. Enjoy.

This week’s links

“Americans have bought record 17 million guns in year of unrest, analysis finds”

2020-in-guns recap from The Guardian’s Lois Beckett. We provided a few quotes for this piece.

ATF’s getting froggy about AR-pattern (and other large-format) pistols

There are early noises that they’re considering “reinterpreting” the law such that large-format pistols would become SBRs. No solid details yet, but this is definitely something to monitor closely.

“Betterbox, the last ammo box you’ll ever need”

Neat project from a redditor.

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