1) By definition and federal law, social media companies aren’t publishers (cf. 47 U.S. Code § 230). So arguments that proactive industry blacklisting of user-generated firearm and armed self-defense content represent nothing but viewpoint-neutral audience-driven business decisions are wholly inapposite.

2) The Twitter Files pretty much demolish the entire thesis that there isn’t a “hive mind” bias throughout the social media industry that, among other things, virulently hates anything related to firearms, armed self-defense and the Second Amendment.

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>> ...we have an education problem, not a persuasion problem.

Truth, and it's true within the gun owning community. I've stated the reason marksmanship events receive poor media coverage is mostly due to gun organizations failing to promote events and a lack of interest among most gun owners. Gun owners complaining about media bias that couldn't name a single Olympic shooting event have called me an "elitist snob" for pointing that out:


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