OSD 58: The newbies are here to see you

Things to show them after you're all done watching Tiger King.

Last Monday we talked about something that snuck up on us: the past couple weeks might represent the biggest sudden influx of new gun owners … ever. So everybody benefits if we recognize how momentous that is, and give those newbies a great onboarding experience. We weren’t the only ones to realize that — the community delivered.

Here’s a small sampling of the launches targeted specifically at first-time gun buyers:

There’ll be even more this week. Keep them coming, and please send us any good newbie resources that you find. We’ll compile them and use this for the foundation of an updated newbie section on our site.

Make it a great week, gang.

This week’s links

OSD Office Hours

We enjoyed the sessions we had since announcing this last week. If you’re a new gun owner, thinking about becoming one, or know someone who is, come to our office hours. You get a 30-minute video call with an OSD team member to ask any and all questions you have, in a friendly, non-judgmental space. For free. We just want to help people become great gun owners. So come on by!

Click the link above to schedule a chat.

SuperSetCA is back

One of the highest-production-value gun channels on YouTube just came back after a three-year break. Check them out, you’ll like it. Our favorite is their comparison of 1–6x scopes. Those POV camera angles are slick.

Ammo.com reports revenue is up 777% in the past month

And transactions are up 516%. People are buying ammo.

NSSF’s state-by-state breakdown of gun shop status in the time of COVID

The NSSF has been doing great work tracking this, and they’re the best info source on what each state is doing with its gun shops amidst COVID closures. (The Firearms Policy Coalition has also been doing great work on suing the states that have eliminated residents’ ability to acquire firearms.)

For a quick reference, see this PDF table of states from the NSSF.

The Blind Swordsman drill, with Massad Ayoob and Ken Hackathorn

Fun video from two legends.

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