Amidst last week’s cleanup of the shutdowns of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, a crypto-related detail didn’t get much attention: And lo…
A week ago, a couple of us went to Capitol Armory’s Quiet in the Capitol event. It’s an annual event where a dozen silencer manufacturers let you shoot…
There’s a quote attributed to Ernest Hemingway that goes, “Every man has two deaths, when he is buried in the ground and the last time someone says his…

February 2023

We had some fun in the OSD Discord this week talking about the Mystery Ranch x Dior collab that those two companies announced this month. Here’s a…
You all carry, right? Why? Generally it’s something like “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” A gun can save your life…
On the tradeoffs of failure-avoidance.
The first step of not feeling like an outsider is to stop treating yourself like one.

January 2023

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Garand Thumb tweeted this from SHOT Show this week: That kicked off some discussion among the OSD crew. Our own Chuck Rossi saw this first hand while…
The ATF's gamble on the brace ban.
Where is the stable equilibrium between attackers and defenders?
Your favorite OSD essays from 2022.